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Startup spotlight: Yandiki connects creative talent around the world

2014-11-17 by Nancy Dahlberg, United States

WORLD AT HER FINGERTIPS: Silvina Moschini, who runs Yandiki, works while holding her dog John John in The LAB Miami in Wynwood. She runs Yandiki, which screens and matches tech talent, for instance in Latin America, with companies that need it. The site allows talent to live anywhere yet still find work online.

Internet entrepreneur Silvina Moschini breaks barriers

2014-11-14 by Rachelle Akuffo, United States

When the first wave of the internet washed over us with the dot com revolution in the late 1990s, the number of women in technology was few and far between. But one female entrepreneur was such a standout in the technology field, dubbed by the media as ‘Miss Internet’. As with many aspiring entrepreneurs, Silvina Moschini‘s journey began with taking a risk and leaving her corporate career. CCTV America’s Rachelle Akuffo reported this story from Washington D.C.

Consulate Pitches Ukraine for Outsourcing in Spite of Conflict

2014-07-25 by Rachel King, United States

SoftServe, along with embassy officials and Internet firm KMGi Group, which offers an online service called to help companies better monitor the work of remote employees first began a campaign, April 29, to appeal to Western businesses to support outsourcing as a way to stave off a “new Cold War."

Total Control - Silvina Moschini and her virtual platform for remote work management

2012-08-10 by Enrique Garabetyan, Argentina

Two tendencies which to many seem contradictory assert themselves on a global entrepreneurial stage: companies must become more efficient and economical, while workforce – especially the creative youth – demands better labor quality and more flexibility. How to align two trends that often pull in opposite directions? One way to reconcile them, which many companies are exploring, is through telework. This is one of the drives of adopting cloud computing, and it propels the creation of new...

Three Ways to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

2011-12-29 by Daniel Bortz, United States

One of the most common mistakes small-business owners make is to focus so much time on attracting new customers that they skimp on the effort it takes to create loyal customers. That's a mistake, of course, because it's more expensive to get new customers than to retain them. To develop and nurture a relationship with your customers, you have to communicate regularly and, above all, provide consistently over-the-top service. Here's a look at how three small businesses are keeping the...

New Technologies For Meeting The Challenge Of Managing Global Workforce.

2011-11-06 by Armando Lazo, United States

What solution does cloud computing bring for the management of long distance professional teams?The work market is going through a radical change. Big offices with dozens of employees cooped up in cubicles are starting to disappear. Instead we have more dynamic and flexible structures, with smaller professional teams which are distributed throughout the world.Today, thanks to the possibilities offered by online work, it is possible to have a professional team located anywhere in the world....

Ukraine Wants to Become the Silicon Valley of Europe

2014-04-30 by Marina Koren, United States

The event ran like a standard business pitch, with several economic and tech experts touting the benefits of outsourcing IT jobs. The embassy had partnered with TransparentBusiness, a "cloudsourcing" provider that allows managers in other countries to remotely monitor their contractors' work in Ukraine. By growing this economic sector, Ukraine isn't looking to become the next India, the evening's featured speakers said, but rather the Silicon Valley of Europe.
The most memorable marketing tactic of the evening wasn't touting cheaper tax incentives or reliable technology, however. It was something much more unusual: democracy.


2011-10-24 by Marcelo Lozano, United States

CIO America Latina announced the winner of a new and prestigious program of worldwide prizes that recognize and support entrepreneurs that generate innovations in the IT industry, highlighting the impact that those innovations have on Latin America.The winner received the CIO America Latina’s WW IT Visionary 2011 Prize in a private ceremony that took place in the Faena Hotel, in the city of Buenos Aires.The winner was selected after a search was carried out to find the new visionaries from the...


2011-10-22 by Marcelo Lozano, United States Increases The Effectiveness Of Outsourcing And Remote Hiring.KMGi announced the launch of, an innovative cloud based solution based designed to avoid overbilling and to allow employers to measure the outsourced contractors’ performance and electronically monitor the hours to be billed and the tasks carried out by the workers. is a low cost solution designed to invoice and manage virtual teams and to stop remote...

Silvina Moschini: “La figura del empleado full time es un poco retro”

2013-03-20 by Cecilia Novoa, Argentina

 La emprendedora argentina fundadora de Intuic, que le ofreció su software a la CEO de Yahoo para que mantenga la política de teletrabajo,apuesta por un mundo laboral virtual, pero con controles.De hecho, ni siquiera conoce personalmente a su mano derecha a la cual, asegura, le tiene plena confianzaDefensora del teletrabajo pero con "controles", la argentina Silvina Moschini se muestra convencida de que, en muchas tareas, esta modalidad se terminará imponiendo a la tradicional -presencial,...

TransparentBusiness: Hacemos que personas en España puedan exportar su talento hacia Latinoamérica y viceversa, sin moverse de su casa

2013-06-14 by Jaime Domenech, Argentina

La emprendedora argentina Silvina Moschini, que en 2003 fundó la agencia de marketing interactivo Intuic, nos presenta en esta entrevista las claves de TransparentBusiness, una herramienta para monitorizar equipos de trabajo de forma remota.El 12 de junio de 2013 por Jaime Domenech 0Transparent Business es un programa que ha sido desarrollado en 2012 por la empresa americana KMGi, un negocio del que son propietarios Moschini y su socio Alex Konanykhin.-¿Cómo surgió la idea...

Online Work Teams Management: The Magic Lays in the Efficiency

2012-01-04 by Silvina Moschini, Spain

Platforms like TransparentBusiness, developed by KMGi, facilitate the management of projects carried out by workers located in different parts of the world. Every three minutes, this tool captures the computer screen of each team member.Online work is becoming the best new hiring method. Nowadays a professional can work from the comfort of his own home, at a table in a coffee shop or even sitting at the park, on the grass. All he needs is a wireless Internet connection. As a consequence, the...

USA: Totalüberwachung am Arbeitsplatz

2013-06-01 by Markus Schmidt, ARD New York, Germany

Das ist das Herz der Firma IPVideo - die Schaltzentrale. IP Video verkauft Überwachungstechnik. Hier wird demonstriert, was die Anlage alles kann.Alles, was wir jetzt tun, wird mitgeschnitten. Und James Ryder, der Chefingenieur, ein ehemaliger Polizeioffizier, zeigt uns, was diese kleinen unauffälligen Helfer an der Decke so alles können. Alles im Blick: Alles, was in diesem Büroraum passiert, fängt eine einzige Kamera ein: Diese Kamera schafft 180 Grad. Ranzoomen, Details zeigen -...

Transparencia digital: el paradigma inevitable

2012-07-19 by, Argentina

La cantidad de información disponible y la velocidad a la que circula invitan a las empresas a consolidar modelos de gestión transparentesLos cambios tecnológicos están impactando de modo decisivo en todos los aspectos de nuestra vida. El mundo de los negocios no sólo no es la excepción sino que es el ámbito donde todas esas transformaciones se entrecruzan. Pensemos en cómo la vida digital ha modificado radicalmente nuestras rutinas laborales y nuestras formas de consumir y de decidir qué y...

Inmersos en el trabajo 3.0

2012-06-18 by Melissa González, Argentina es una plataforma en línea creada en Argentina que permite supervisar a los empleados, los proyectos y las tareas de los colaboradores en tiempo realUna nueva herramienta se suma a los profesionales que necesitan coordinar con su personal. Especialmente está enfocada en los colaboradores que laboran desde casa o que no están en la oficina todo el tiempo.Se trata de, una plataforma en línea que ofrece la posibilidad de supervisar el trabajo de cada...


2012-01-17 by Perfil, Argentina

Online Control of TelecommutersThere are companies that have employees in various continents or telecommuters working from home and reporting to supervisors thousands of kilometers away. Online or remote work is growing thanks to outsourcing, but billing of telecommuters does not seem to be under the companies’ control. “The globalized economy allows owners of small and large corporations to outsource specialist work anywhere in the world; however, managing virtual labor and avoiding...

Businesses – FOR ARGENTINA

2012-01-17 by Noticias, Argentina

The project was born out of his own personal needs in 2008, when the financial crisis diminished growth opportunities in the United States and he decided to move to Italy with his Argentinean wife. This is when the issue arose: how to keep control over his companies from a distance?That is how TransparentBusiness was created. It is a virtual platform that allows online supervision of all the work team members, registering their working hours and doing statistical analysis of their...

Por un teletrabajo más productivo

2013-04-25 by María Gabriela Ensinck, Argentina

Pedimos a todos los empleados de Yahoo! que trabajan desde sus casas, que regresen a las oficinas. Es aquí, en la interacción del pasillo o la cafetería, donde surgen las mejores decisiones e ideas”, disparó en un memo interno, en febrero pasado, Marissa Mayer, ex ejecutiva de Google y CEO ‘celebrity’ de Yahoo! desde julio del año pasado. La medida no sólo sorprendió por el hecho de haber sido tomada por una mujer, cuando su género tanto luchó por lograr un balance entre vida laboral y...

Web Service Takes the Worry Out of Working from Home

2013-03-20 by David Mielach, Argentina

Bosses who are worried about having their workers work from home can rest a bit easier thanks to a new service. Transparent Business is a web-based application that addresses and solves problems associated with managing remote employees. Transparent Business provides a solution that can close the gap between the demand for telework and the apprehension towards it. The application allows managers to see, in real time, work that is being performed by telecommuters. Every three minutes,...

Phuket: Keeping an eye on teleworkers

2013-03-19 by PHUKET NEWS, Argentina

Telecommuting – having staff work at home, even in other countries, all linked via the Internet – is fine in theory. It reduces office space and office costs, and is good for the planet because it reduces the number of commuters.The US Census Bureau last week released figures that show the number of Americans working at home increased by 4.2 million between 1997 and 2010.But how do bosses monitor whether workers are actually working and not just fooling around on Facebook?Many companies have...

Would All Yahoos Please Report to the Office?

2013-02-26 by Wally Hucker, Argentina

The Twittersphere is abuzz with comments pro and con because, come June, working from home will be a thing of the past for Yahoos, as employees of Yahoo! Inc. are called in its corporate culture. Pushed by CEO Marissa Mayer, the giant Internet company's Head of Human Resources, Jackie Reses, sent out a company-wide memo to give its workers something to think about last weekend. "Over the past few months," began Reses' memo, which was also signed by Mayer, "we have introduced a number of great...