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TransparentBusiness overview

Time tracking with screenshots

You can see time spent for each project, day by day, as well as activity reports for each of your contractors.

See detailed activity report for each worker, screenshot by screenshot, with a status bar indicating the level of keyboard activity.

Project Management with Gantt diagram

Use TransparentBusiness to manage and track your projects.

Create project plans, define tasks, assign resources and upload documents. Collaborate with project teams via project discussion threads and stay updated via project notifications. Track projects and tasks in real time via the Gantt diagram.

Invoicing, unlimited Clients list

TransparentBusiness enables you to send invoices and receive payments for services provided to your clients. Payments can be made through by using PayPal or any major credit card. Read "Getting paid for your services" for more information on how to generate detailed invoices to your clients.

You can add all your clients to TransparentBusiness free of charge. Keep track of project hours per client and per project. Build trust and long-term client relationships by using TransparentBusiness to provide full transparency over billed hours.

Protecting Your Privacy

Telecommuting Made Effective

Why Transparency Is Your Biggest Untapped Competitive Advantage

TransparentBusiness benefits both workers and employers.

Thanks to Multi-Layer Privacy Protection, an employer can receive real-time live updates about the work in progress, while a worker’s privacy remains protected. Automated time logging eliminates business disputes, increases trust, and improves coordination between employers and workers. As a result, workers can rest assured that the invoices they submit will not be challenged and employers can verify that the services they require are provided.

TransparentBusiness is affordable and effective. It gives companies full control of their workforce, whether they are local or remote, domestic or offshore. With TransparentBusiness, employers can accurately estimate the cost of a project. They can track the progress of each project in real time and make the necessary adjustments to increase productivity and surpass goals.

Visit our demo site to see the many features of TransparentBusiness in action or create a free account. Within minutes, you can start managing your projects, monitoring the work of your contractors, and improving the effectiveness of your team.