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You work hard to do superior work, even if it is from your couch. For many freelance and contract workers, logging and justifying the hours they’ve worked can be a grueling task. While many employers will not question the number of hours they are billed, some need tangible proof for every worked hour. Building rapport and trust with a new client may take weeks, often months.

With TransparentBusiness, it is easy to forge trust and credibility with a new client from your very first job. Set yourself apart from the competition and give your potential employer the opportunity to see the progress of your work in real time. Your employer will appreciate your transparency and you will, at last have a foolproof way of accounting for every billed hour. TransparentBusiness puts an end to business disputes about worked hours and negotiated rates. It streamlines your invoicing process and encourages timely payment for the services you provided.

TransparentBusiness gives your employers peace of mind while protecting your privacy. It is the perfect solution for remote workers and those who employ them.

Invoicing made easy!

TransparentBusiness will track your progress on multiple projects performed for several different clients. Don’t waste valuable time calculating how much time you have spent on which tasks. Automated time logging allows you to log in and out of assigned tasks as you are performing them. It automatically keeps track of how many hours you have spent on each task and how many hours are left in your client’s budget, allowing you the opportunity to adjust your workflow to meet assigned goals. Because your clients can see your progress in real time, invoicing your client for the services you have provide is easy and automatic.

Telecommute to your office!

Many companies resist telecommuting because managers are afraid of losing control over work processes. If your life situation is forcing you to spend time away from the office and your job duties can be performed from your home, use TransparentBusiness as a powerful tool to negotiate an alternate work set up that allows you to work from the comfort of your own living room. Let your boss know, with TransparentBusiness, he can track your work in real time, screenshot by screenshot. TransparentBusiness may be the secret ingredient you need to create the work schedule that best suits your life.

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