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Is Miami the next innovation capital?

The possibility of turning Miami into Latin America’s technology capital sparks enthusiasm within local investors and entrepreneurs. Beyond these encouraging signs, the challenge lies in generating a stimulating environment that contributes to innovative

The possibility of turning Miami into Latin America’s technology capital sparks enthusiasm within local investors and entrepreneurs. Beyond these encouraging signs, the challenge lies in generating a stimulating environment that contributes to... Read more

San Francisco supervisor wants family-friendly workplace scheduling for employees

It seems that telecommuting program soon become a must-have for many companies, as a matter or law. Does your company have tools like TransparentBusiness in place to monitor work of the telecommuters and the real-time status of the tasks assigned to them?

SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco businesses would be required to offer parents and caregivers flexible work schedules under a proposal a city supervisor wants to take before voters in November.The San Francisco Chronicle reports ( Read more


TransparentBusiness might be the best privacy tool ever invented. In all businesses, employees are being monitored.

The most common method has not changed in centuries: the direct observation of workers by managers and co-workers during the entire work day, for which purpose all have to commute to office, even when the work could have been done at home or... Read more


Silvina Moschini, President of TransparentBusiness, received PC in "Product of the Year" category.

ABC News Telecommuting

ABC: "Imagine work word without commute.. The future of work!" This future has been the reality for most TransparentBusiness users.

ABC World News segment on the Future of Work, featuring companies such as Crayon, Accenture, and IBM. If you're serious about finding a telecommuting, full-time, part-time, or flexible job, you're in the right place.TransparentBusiness Research... Read more

Transparent business presentation

A short presentation on how transparency increases profitability of businesses.


Many (if not most!) of "work hours" are wasted on Facebook, computer games, online shopping, job hunting, socializing...

This is why employers need to make every work minute accountable, using... Read more

Telecommuting: Is it effective?

Is telecommuting the right move for you? Telecommuting is becoming widely used among several companies including the Federal Government. Why is it so attractive? Companies believe that telecommuting can actually save them millions of dollars.

If people were more interested in it, they would actually spend far less on overhead cost used to house employees. In the previous years, President Obama signed clauses and passed laws that support telecommuting. Now, companies are encouraging... Read more

Does The IRS' New Safe Harbor Rules Help Or Hurt Remote Workers?

TransparentBusiness IRS rules contribute to outsourcing offshore --- Many companies chose to outsource offshore as any work which can be performed remotely by a telecommuter can also be performed by a worker abroad which does not have to report to the IRS

The following article is by Priyanka Sharma is a Product Marketing Manager at, online bookkeeping software for small businesses. Whether it’s a colleague, neighbor or your own boss, somebody seems to be talking about the... Read more

Infosys, Wipro Increase Salaries

Due to increased cost of labor in India, many of our clients outsource IT work to Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, and even domestically within the USA. All work of all contractors can be seen in real time using, so the location of

Outsourcing-services company Infosys will give an average 8% salary increase to its India-based employees, effective July. At smaller rival Wipro, wages will go up by 6%-8% from this month for local... Read more

SAIC Pays $12M To Settle FCA Overbilling Claims - Law360

SAIC had to return $500,000,000.00 to New York State last year, overbilled on a single project. Government agencies can use TransparentBusiness at no cost to protect themselves from contractor overbilling. Otherwise, $500 million here, $17 million there -

Law360, New York (June 13, 2013, 5:45 PM ET) -- Government defense contractor Science Applications International Corp. has agreed to pay $11.75 million to settle a False Claims Act whistleblower suit alleging it charged the government inflated... Read more


TransparentBusiness - we just passed 5,000 clients mark!

Helping businesses in 99 countries become more efficient and profitable.

Entrevista a Silvina Moschini, CEO de TransparentBusiness

La emprendedora argentina Silvina Moschini, que en 2003 fundó la agencia de marketing interactivo Intuic, nos presenta en esta entrevista las claves de TransparentBusiness, una herramienta para monitorizar equipos de trabajo de...

TransparentBusiness: “Hacemos que personas en España puedan exportar su talento hacia Latinoamérica y viceversa, sin moverse de su casa”La emprendedora argentina Silvina Moschini, que en 2003 fundó la agencia de marketing interactivo Intuic, nos... Read more

Transparent Business

TransparentBusiness How to monitor your entire workforce using TransparentBusiness

 including telecommuters and... Read more

Growing and competing from the cloud

Cloud computing is no longer reserved for large companies or companies in the computer industry. What are the advantages of the cloud and why does access to it grow? The economy increasingly crosses paths with technological changes. As... Read more

Native digitals: influence in the new economy

The so-called “Net generation” is transforming ways of business design and implementation. Why does it promote organizational transparency and what is its role as a consumer?In our urgent need to understand the growing interdependence between the... Read more

Digital transparency: inevitable paradigm

The amount of available information and its velocity are two undeniable factors of digital economy. Powered by those and by new generation of digital natives, transparent management models are consolidated. Technological changes are undeniably... Read more

Innovation: from concept to strategy

In the competitive digital economy today, the challenge to innovate becomes almost obligatory. Business, technology, and a new paradigm of transparency.We live in a changing reality where companies – regardless of size – strive to stay relevant all... Read more

The challenge to be … and to stay

In economy that is characterized by the speed of technological innovation, big companies of today may become only a memory in the next decade. Key points and challenges for business leaders.If there is a defining characteristic of a new digital... Read more

Business in 21st century: be online or be visible?

The Internet has significantly changed the relationship between businesses and consumers. What are the keys to manage a successful online presence and not die trying? The term “digital economy” has an irresistible appeal today. Entrepreneurs,... Read more

Entrepreneurs today: to be and to want to be

The technological revolution and talent to innovate are two great engines of the digital economy. However, aside from ideas and input, entrepreneurs need to have appropriate attitudes. The only thing we know for sure about the world economic... Read more