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Our first-of-its-kind platform solves the most pressing problems of outsourcing and telecommuting: it reduces expenses by facilitating efficient telecommuting and outsourcing; greatly increases productivity; protects from overbilling; allows for easy coordination and monitoring of your entire workforce; and gives real-time information on the cost and the status of all tasks and projects. It's a radically new way to run a business successfully.

[TransparentBusiness] changes the way in which people work.

Clients who use the application can manage their business from anywhere, coordinate their team anytime, view screenshots in real time to see how the tasks progress and to avoid overbilling. is a solution based in the cloud that monitors productivity of virtual teams from anywhere in the world, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and making sure that online contractors do not overcharge their employers or clients.

Be transparent. KMGi almost doubled its business from existing clients in 2011 by allowing them to monitor the ad design work in real time via TransparentBusiness

TransparentBusiness [is] a new bill-monitoring service designed to allow clients to view their lawyers' billing activities through a computer surveillence system.

Platforms like TransparentBusiness, developed by KMGi, facilitate the management of projects carried out by workers located in different parts of the world. Every three minutes, this tool captures the computer screen of each team member. is an innovative cloud based solution based designed to avoid overbilling and to allow employers to measure the outsourced contractors’ performance and electronically monitor the hours to be billed and the tasks carried out by the workers.


Do you feel like you are losing control of employee time and work?


Do you think it is impossible to keep track of all your projects?


Do you hesitate when hiring a remote team?

icon is the solution!

KMGi Group offers an online service called to help companies better monitor the work of remote employees.

The Future of Work

With, clients can manage virtual teams seamlessly, can provide immediate feedback on all work-in-progress and access the status and cost of each project.

Founded in 1997 by Internet entrepreneur Alex Konanykhin, KMGi is a leading Internet company with numerous awards for excellence in interactive production. KMGi enjoys an international reputation as a pioneer in innovative and cutting-edge web solutions. Many notable companies have benefited from KMGi’s web marketing solutions. These include:

The Principals

Alex Konanykhin


Alex Konanykhin is a successful serial entrepreneur, book author and business expert. At the age of 23, he founded the Russian Exchange Bank alongside a finance and construction empire, becoming one the wealthiest men in post-Communist Russia.

After moving to the United States in 1992, he created KMGi, an international award-winning production studio that is widely recognized by leading publications such as Forbes and CNNfn as the "Future of the Internet" for innovative implementations of cutting edge technology

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"Alex Konanykhin controlled Russia’s largest commercial bank in the 1990s before it was seized by the KGB."

The Wall Street Journal

"Mr. Konanykhin was a whiz-kid physics student who became a pioneering Russian capitalist in early 1990s, building a banking and investment empire valued at an estimated $300 million all by his mid-20s. He was a member of President Boris Yeltsin’s inner circle."

The Baltimore Sun

"Business whiz kid."


"Russian Bill Gates"

The Times

"By the time he was 25 he was one of the most important figures in post-Communist Russia."


"Konanykhin, one of the first Russian millionaires after the fall of the commies, left in 1992 and was granted asylum here in 1999. He’s built a very successful Web advertising business in New York City. He had been chosen “New York Businessman of the Year.” “As such, you will be honored and presented with your award,” NRCC chairman Thomas M. Reynolds (R-N.Y.) said, at a “special ceremony” April 1. President Bush and Governor [ Arnold] Schwarzenegger are our special invited guests."

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Silvina Moschini


Silvina Moschini is an internationally acclaimed Internet and social media expert, whose opinion is often sought by major Latin and American networks and publications. Prior to joining KMGi, Silvina was Vice President of corporate communications at Visa International, where she developed the public relations strategy aimed at positioning Visa as one of the most globally valued brands.

Silvina joined Visa from, the Internet branch of the Santander Central Hispano Group, one of the world’s largest banks. As Vice President of corporate communications, she was accountable for the communications and visibility strategy that positioned Patagon as the major Internet company in Latin America, sold for 785 million U.S. dollars a few months after being incorporated.

Before working for Patagon, Silvina was the public relations manager for Compaq Computer Corporation Latin America, where she created the Public Relations Department and supervised the implementation of the communications strategy in the region. After a year, she was promoted to International Public Relations Manager and led Compaq’s PR efforts in international markets, including Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Japan and Latin America.

Silvina has a BS in Public Relations from UADE (Buenos Aires, Argentina), a degree in Marketing from New York University (NYU) and a master’s degree in Public Relations from the University of Houston in Texas. She has taken graduate courses in web communications and social media program at the Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione (IULM) as well as at the Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, both in Milan, Italy.

CNN Espanol, NTN 24, and other major networks frequently consult Silvina on her extensive knowledge of Internet business practices and technologies. Her columns are featured in top publications such as CIO Magazine Latin America and the Miami Herald.

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Jay Soshnick

Senior Vice President

Prior to joining TransparentBusiness, Jay held numerous sales and sales management roles where he consistently exceeded his corporate objectives with industry leaders CA Technologies and IBM. Jay and his team contributed to CA’s success during their hyper growth period when revenues grew from $80 Mil to in excess of $3B. In 1995, Jay Soshnick founded Adam Jordan Associates - the leading executive search firm in the Enterprise Software Industry. Jay Soshnick grew up in New York City and attended the State University of New York where he received his Bachelor of Science Degree. Upon earning his degree, Jay spent twelve years living in the Boston area working on the Route 128 Technology Highway.

Hernán Calderale

Executive Vice President, LatAm

Prior to joining TransparentBusiness, Hernán Calderale worked as Vice Presidente of CA Technologies, with responsibility for sales in SOLA region, consisting of Argentina, Chile and Perú. His mission consistent in developing and implementing strategy designed to explore synergies existing in these countries. He was also put in charge of managing Channel Partner sales in Paraguay and Uruguay. He started his career at CA as an Account Executive and was later promoted to the position of Director of Channel and Strategic Partners (LatAm), then to the position of Country Manager (Argentina) and finally to the position of regional Vice President (SOLA). Prior to CA, Hernán had worked for IBM, SSA and Veritas, developing strategies and increasing sales.